Furniture and furnishings made of artificial stone are often paid attention to those who made repairs and want to get a first-class result with an unusual design and unwavering quality. It is for such people that we manufacture our products from artificial stone.

If you wanted to know how our masterpieces are made, you have come to the right place. The scheme for manufacturing items from acrylic stone is quite simple, however, in order to do really high-quality work, you need to have solid experience, because there are a number of nuances that you should pay attention to in the process of completing an order.

So, the first step: the polyester resins are thoroughly mixed with filler, catalyst and pigments in clear proportions, and then poured into special forms that are pre-coated with a special gel to form a working surface. This technology allows you to achieve maximum strength and wear resistance, and meets all environmental and technological requirements.

The next step is to shape the resulting stone. As a result, sheets of specified sizes should be obtained. These stone sheets are then glued from two sides with plywood, which is the basis of the future acrylic stone worktops. The first stage is completed.

After the base is ready, it goes to the Elcamino workshop, where the following cycle of work takes place:

– The exact sizes are determined, all bevels, non-standard sizes, radii, etc. are taken into account;

– All manipulations are performed to obtain the finished product (cutting, heat treatment, milling, grinding);

Each stage of the production of countertops made of artificial stone requires careful quality control in order to minimize defects and obtain the highest quality and reliable product. As a result, we get a delightful piece of furniture that will last a long time, while maintaining an attractive appearance for more than one decade.

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