Have you recently purchased a reception or kitchen made of artificial stone? Just planning? In any case, this article will be very useful for you! Although acrylic stone is a heavy-duty material, there are still a number of rules that should be followed in order to maximize the life of your product. Following them, your artificial stone products will retain their bewitching appearance and functionality for as long as possible. So let’s get started!

How to avoid damage?

  • One of the main qualities of the Elcamino artificial stone is the ease of repairing damage (even serious) with virtually no trace. Of course, it’s better not to bring it to this, and in order to protect yourself as much as possible from such incidents, we suggest you observe a number of simple rules:
  • Yes, artificial stone is resistant to high temperatures, but you should not test it for temperature loads. It is undesirable to place objects with a temperature of more than 150 degrees on the surface, so pots and pans, only removed from the stove, should be placed on special supports for hot;
  • Cutting products directly on the countertop is also not worth it. The artificial stone is strong enough, but the probability of leaving small scratches as a result of such manipulations is still present;
  • Do not place dishes with an uneven bottom on artificial stone – it can be scratched;
  • Do not use a metal scraper for cleaning;
  • To make a glossy surface shiny, polish should be used, but detergents with an abrasive effect are not advisable.

If you still find a defect, do not worry, most of them can be fixed using the following methods:

  • Persistent and old marks on a matte, semi-matte surface can be removed using dry and gel cleaners. Apply the solution to the stain for several minutes, then remove with a damp sponge or towel. For a glossy surface, gel or polishing detergents should be used using a similar technique;
  • To clean washbasins, kitchen sinks, you can use sanitary chlorine-based cleaners, but this should not be done often;
  • With severe scratches, mechanical damage, it is better to consult a specialist. Artificial stone can be repaired by sanding and polishing with a special machine, and competent specialists will easily return the original appearance to your countertop or sink made of artificial stone.

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