Custom-made Artificial Stone Bathtubs

The bathroom is a special place in the house where we can be alone with our thoughts, relax and rest from the bustle of the outside world.

Quite often, the interior design of bathrooms is not given enough attention, as is done for the living room or bedroom. At the same time, the bathroom is a place of solitude, and it should be no less comfortable than the rest of the rooms of your home.

A feature of the design of bathrooms is the need to combine beauty with convenience and hygiene. In our realities, the bathroom space does not allow you to expand much, and designers have to come up with different ways of placing household items in a limited space so that the aesthetic component does not suffer. It is also important to consider that the bathroom should be functional and easy to clean.

Even the most ordinary, typical bathrooms will look very unusual if you decide to make a custom-made bathroom on an individual project. The main problem of repairing bathrooms is the incompatibility of standard solutions with the parameters of the room, when the factory options are simply not suitable in size.

Artificial stone baths: features, advantages and disadvantages

Humidity is usually quite high in the bathroom, and temperature changes are also common. In addition, in panel houses in Ukraine, rooms are often poorly ventilated, which creates a favorable environment for the formation of mold and fungus. That is why today, more and more often, artificial stone is used to make a bath, sink and interior decoration, since harmful microbes and a fungus do not linger on its surface. This is due to the special non-porous structure. In addition, finished stone products have an interesting and attractive appearance, and therefore give the interior conciseness and elegance.

Features of acrylic stone products

Artificial stone bathtubs are in high demand today, despite the fact that the price is higher than average. Various minerals are used in their production, most often it is marble and granite chips, as well as quartz sand. Acrylic resins and dyes are also added to the mixture to obtain the desired color of the product. As a result, artificial stone bathtubs perfectly convey the natural structure, but at the same time they are much more affordable and more convenient to use.

Key Benefits

A wide selection of various products made of artificial stone is offered in Ukrainian stores, and buying a bath will be a good decision. The finished product has a lot of advantages:

  • ease of use and maintenance;
  • hygiene provided by an antiseptic surface;
  • strength, high resistance to external influences;
  • low thermal conductivity, and therefore baths perfectly keep a constant temperature for a long time;
  • durability, a finished bath is able to last for more than a dozen years;
  • universality, on order you can make products of any shape and size.

Main disadvantages

Despite the large number of strengths of the material, it has some drawbacks.

  • Over time, spots appear on the surface, this happens after stagnation of water, and therefore it is worth not to allow this so that the bath does not lose its attractiveness.
  • In service, it will not be possible to use abrasive cleaners that adversely affect the structure of the product.

Although bathtubs made of acrylic stone have some drawbacks, people still increasingly prefer them. In addition, you can order a bath, made in any shade, so you can choose the right option for your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of artificial stone products?

  • Artificial stone is a completely natural and environmentally friendly material: it does not absorb moisture, fats and dirt, does not emit toxins.
  • Products have a prestigious and respectable appearance, are distinguished by a variety of colors and textures, perfectly combined with wood, metal, plastic, glass and any other materials.
  • We can create products according to any sketches you have proposed, with a free complete set, with various color finishes using the seamless connection method. We will carry out any of your fantasies.
  • Artificial stone products are resistant to mechanical and thermal influences, as well as to aggressive chemicals.
  • Artificial stone products will always be warm and lively in comparison with natural stone products.
  • For decades, they retain their original appearance.

How complicated is the care of artificial stone products?

Due to its structure, artificial stone is easy to clean, and caring for it will not be difficult. However, like all decorative products, artificial stone will retain its qualities in the best way, if you follow the following recommendations when handling it:

  • Artificial stone products are not designed for extremely high temperatures. Therefore, it is not recommended to put on it, for example, a hot pan without a stand.
  • Although cuts and scratches on artificial stone can be easily removed, it is not recommended to cut products or other things directly on the countertop, for this it is better to use cutting boards.

What can be said about the strength and durability of artificial stone products?

Products made of artificial stone are very durable and resistant to significant household loads. Even sufficiently strong mechanical and thermal influences will not cause significant damage to the artificial stone.

In case of accidental damage, the artificial stone is easily restored. Even if a small chip appears, it can be restored, and the scratch removed by cleaning the surface with fine sandpaper and polishing. Broken off pieces can be glued with a special adhesive of the same color as the starting material. Almost any minor damage can be restored to its original state without visible signs of repair.

How is artificial stone made?

The manufacture of artificial stone is carried out according to a special technology: the required amount of resin and filler is thoroughly mixed in a vacuum mixer until a viscous homogeneous mass is obtained, which is poured into the prepared forms, where the polymerisation of the resin takes place, cooling and the formation of solid material. The finished artificial stone obtained as a result of this process has a homogeneous structure and smooth surface, which is achieved without the use of a special leveling coating. Thus, there are no special coatings or a laminated surface layer on the surface of the artificial stone, the integrity of which could be compromised, for example, scratched. The color and structure of the artificial stone is the same throughout the thickness.

Are artificial stone products harmful to health?

No, not harmful. Provided that you really bought quality, certified material. Therefore, it is recommended to buy products exclusively from officially working manufacturers. It is also important not to confuse our products with products made of LIQUID STONE – which is quite toxic !!! It is really harmful, can provoke headaches, and sometimes leads to the formation or exacerbation of asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Is it possible to order the product according to the proposed sketch and design?

Of course. We can create products according to any sketches you have proposed, with a free complete set, with various color finishes, design. Everything is limited only by your imagination.

If you don’t know what exactly you want, we will offer your options, and you will only have to indicate what you want.

Why are designers so fond of artificial stone?

In addition to its attractive appearance, hygiene, wear resistance and safety, artificial stone also has a number of unique qualities that make this material especially attractive for builders and designers.

Thanks to artificial stone, you can create smooth seamless monolithic surfaces of various configurations, unlimited length and width. Even if you have to assemble a countertop from several pieces, their joints are glued and polished, so that the joints become completely invisible.

Also, the advantages of artificial stone can add the presence of a wide range of colors. You can choose both traditionally calm and the most unexpected colors; and plain (red, black, orange, pink, etc.), and imitating natural stone (granite, marble, etc.). In addition, colors can be combined.

Depending on the function of the finished product made of artificial stone, various types of surface polishing are used, namely matte, semi-gloss and gloss.

Does artificial stone look like natural?

Artificial stone has a wide range of colors that repeat the structure of natural stone, an ordinary person does not distinguish artificial stone from natural stone in appearance. Due to this, artificial acrylic stone is widely used by designers to decorate residential and public interiors.

How is the order executed?

After agreeing on all the details, we make an accurate calculation of the project, declare the order value and production time. After that, we create a detailed 3D-visualization of the project, taking into account all your wishes. If everything is out of date, we conclude a contract and get to work.

What are the guarantees of cooperation with you?

Elcamino provides a warranty that covers only manufacturing defects. At present, it is 2 years. Everything is fixed by the contract.

The life of artificial stone products is unlimited, provided that it is properly maintained. Products retain their original appearance even after 10 years of operation.

Wide color and texture spectrum

Artificial stone is an extremely flexible material in its design. Elcamino can offer more than hundreds of color schemes, such as marble, concrete, granite, quartz, sand, pearls, volcanic stone, and much more.

What do you choose – a visually sophisticated and aesthetically sustained color scheme or an inspired image of an urban landscape and a modern industrial style? We will help you translate all this in stone, of your choice.

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